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AAO process technology (Often called A2O technology)

Developed in the late 90s of the twentieth century by Japanese scientists. AAO treatment technology is increasingly improved in technology and technology processes.

4  most modern wastewater treatment technology in Vietnam

AAO wastewater treatment technology  is applied to wastewater with BOD / COD ratio> 0.5, high content of easily biodegradable organic compounds. AAO technology has the ability to thoroughly handle high levels of nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus). With stable and easy operation characteristics, AAO technology promises to be a superior wastewater treatment technology for Vietnam today. See more scientific papers on AAO technology:

AAO treatment technology  has a disadvantage that the system starts up very long because anaerobic bio-tank needs a long warm-up time. To know more about anaerobic microorganisms

More and more AAO technology treatment facilities to handle different types of wastewater include:

  • Treatment of domestic wastewater .
  • Fishery wastewater treatment.
  • Hospital wastewater treatment.
  • Food waste water treatment.
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