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Apply wastewater treatment with RO filtration technology
AB Mauri Vietnam Co., Ltd. has just organized a visit, introducing a factory to produce enzymes and additives, especially water treatment with RO filtration technology. 
    AB Mauri Vietnam Co., Ltd. is using wastewater treatment technology with RO filtration technology – or reverse osmosis technology. This technology works according to the principle of reverse osmosis, automatically processes and completely eliminates harmful substances in the water. In particular, RO filtration system handles heavy metals in the country with a total investment value of more than 10 million USD . 
    10 years ago, at AB Mauri Vietnam Co., Ltd, there were environmental incidents, affecting fish farmers on La Nga River. At that time, the company used anaerobic wastewater treatment technology, so after the incident the company had to completely change the technology. At present, the concentrated wastewater treatment system of the company has been completely invested, including: waste collection, treatment and drainage system. 
    Monitoring the quality of waste water right at the discharge mouth, Dong Nai Department of Natural Resources and Environment attaches an automatic monitoring system. Thereby, parameters such as pH, TSS, flow, color, COD, temperature in the waste water are always monitored 24/7 and get the parameters every 5 minutes. The quality of waste water treated with reverse osmosis technology must meet column A standard (national technical regulation on industrial wastewater QCVN 40: 2011 / BTNMT) newly recorded by Dong Nai Department of Natural Resources and Environment. receive.
    Mr. Ngo Chon Tri, Managing Director of AB Mauri Vietnam Co., shared: “We invest in many modern technologies into production, especially with RO filtration technology, environmental safety factors school is always guaranteed. Besides, the air quality monitoring results in the area around the company on October 19, 2016 showed that all parameters met the QCVN 06: 2009 / BTNMT standards. This is a national technical regulation on some hazardous substances in the surrounding air.
    Enhancing community responsibility, AB Mauri Vietnam Company also participates in many social activities, notably the “Pure Water Filter System” for students of Tran Hung Dao Primary School in the locality. 
    With major changes in wastewater treatment, Dong Nai People’s Committee has granted permit to exploit and use surface water of Tri An lake to AB Mauri Vietnam Company to serve production needs. “In addition to serving production needs, the company also plans to share this clean water source freely for the local community. This is also a way to partly resolve the lack of clean water of La Nga people in the dry season, ”Ngo Chon Tri added.
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