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    PAC Emulsion 25Kg

    PAC Emulsion 25Kg

    Price : 1.100.000 ₫
    PAC Emulsion 25Kg

    + Origin: Vietnam

    + Cover: 25 kg

    Chemical formula  [Al2 (OH) nCl6-nXH2O] m

    + Application: Coagulant used in water and wastewater treatment. 
    + Basic chemical composition:  Poly Aluminum Chloride , added with Chlorine disinfectant. 
    Al2O3,%: 30.0 / 30.50 
    B,%: 40-49 / 78 
    pH,%: 3.5-5.0 / 3.8 
    Water insoluble,%: 0.3 / 0.1 
    As,%: 0.0002 / 0.00017 
    MN,%: 0.0075 / 0.00705


    Limit the adjustment of the pH of the source water as the alum is currently used, thus saving the chemical dose (used to increase alkalinity) and associated equipment such as chemical tanks and dosing pumps. 
    – Low dosage, heavy sediment. 
    – Reduction of sludge volume. 
    – Increasing the clarity of the water after settling, lengthening the filtration cycle and increasing the water quality after filtering. 
    – Do not run out of water or lumps after unpacking. 
    – Best used when combined with vichemfloc 62424.

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    VianPool PAC Emulsion 25Kg VianPool PAC Emulsion 25Kg VianPool PAC Emulsion 25Kg VianPool PAC Emulsion 25Kg

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