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PT – Combo of the quality swimming pool filter FSB Series

Choose FSB Series – Combo pool filter you will feel assured by the quality of operation, operating costs and many other problems related to the filtration system.

FSB series - Combo pool filters
Designed to be easily set up for all types of swimming, the FSB series filter combo provides the right solution for home pool owners looking for high pressure, user-friendliness and performance. great filter. FSB Series – Combo pool filter including side-mounted fiberglass filter, 6-way omnidirectional valve, pool-mounted pump. Read more about the details of the combo filter – FSB Series below.

Features of FSB Series – Combo pool filters  

FSB pool filter is a combination of the features of the components.
Features and performance curves of the FSB filter
Which specific features are as follows:
  • Recommend installation for family pool, spa pool.
  • Easy to install with pre-installed plumbing and facilities
  • Simple operation with 6-way omnidirectional valve
  • Filter structure with anti-ultraviolet material has good outdoor performance.
  • Maximum operating pressure 36psi / 2.5 bar
  • Maximum temperature 43 ° C (109 ° F)
  • The size of sand used for the best filter: 0.5-0.8mm
  • Filter operation is quiet and stable, persistent over time.
Components of the Pool Combo Combo – FSB Series
The FSB filter is the perfect combination of pool equipment. Include:
  • SS or SC pool water pump
  • Swimming pool sand filter S450 / S500 / S650
  • 6-way universal valve
pool filter components - FSB Series
Manufacturer of swimming pool equipment Emaux has done for consumers a stage of calculating which pump to use and what kind of filter. Users will feel secure when using this combination filter because it has been verified for quality.

Information and size filter pool – FSB Series

FSB perfect filter size
Filter flow rate is fast, the smallest bottle is capable of filtering 8.10m3 / h and the largest bottle up to 15.60m3 / h. For this pump pump speed, it is suitable not only for family pools but also for medium-sized business swimming pools .
Note: for sand used for the filter is only relative, sand can change the weight and size of sand particles. 


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Mail: sales03.pt@gmail.com – vokien.pt@gmail.com

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