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Tell you how to recognize toxins in swimming pools

Currently in big cities, there are many public swimming pools formed to meet the swimming needs of the people. However, there are quality pools, others not. Therefore, today PT Pool tells you how to identify swimming pools that contain many toxins and are not safe when swimming.

Due to the increasing demand for swimming, the status of business swimming pools on summer days is operating at full capacity. Therefore, to kill bacteria and viruses present in water, investors often use chlorine chemicals … to eliminate bacteria and bring hygienic water. However, if the amount of chlorine in the pool exceeds the permitted standards of the Ministry of Health, it will affect the health of swimmers.
Therefore, you need to be very observant to know which pool is of good quality.

Chemical composition in water

As analyzed above, to kill harmful bacteria and viruses, the pool needs enough chlorine to clean the water. And chlorine is used in two main forms: calcium hypochlorite (solid) and sodim hypochlorite (liquid). These two compounds work with water to produce hypochlorous acid – this acid will kill bacteria, pathogens in the water. Therefore, this component is indispensable in any pool.
However, this acid when exposed to ultraviolet rays from sunlight is very easy to decompose. And to prevent this, cyanuric acid is added to react with the free chlorine present in hypochlorous acid and create a more stable compound.
Finally, to maintain the pH of swimming pool water, alkaline chemicals are added: sodium carbonate (sodium bicarbonate). 
In addition, in some swimming pools, to create a clear blue water color effect, people also add colorants but this substance is not harmful to human health.

Why swimming pools with a lot of chlorine residue will be harmful to human health

According to the Langelier Saturation Index study, a swimming pool is standard if the average pH is between 7.2 – 7.8.

  • Swimming pool contains too much detergent: chlorine … will cause skin and eye irritation because the chlorine concentration is too high and the pH is too low
  • Chlorine used too much in swimming pools will affect the process of changing DNA. In addition, excess chlorine remaining in the water will irritate the respiratory system if the swimmer hits a lot

N -heartedly noted when swimming

To go swimming safely, you need to pay close attention to the pool.

  • The number of swimmers in the pool is moderate, not too crowded. Because if the pool is too crowded, the amount of human waste will make the water unsafe and the water filtration system does not have enough time to operate to ensure water hygiene.
  • Visible to the naked eye, the water is quite clear and does not smell strongly of chlorine. On the contrary, if the pool is cloudy, the smell of chlorine is shocking, you should consider when coming to this pool.
  • You must remember to rinse with fresh water before going into the tank to limit body waste to the water. 
  • You need to use swimming goggles, latex and earplugs when swimming to limit the entry of bacteria into your body.
  • After swimming, you need to wash yourself clean with fresh water. Clean ears, nose and eyes clean with drops.
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