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Supply and installation of Heatpump heat pumps for families

Using the central heatpump hot water system for households is a new technology product with many convenience, just install a heatpump system with a tank of about 300 liters -500 liters, you can use the heater hot comfortably in living. With a compact design, the capacity of the machine is suitable for the needs of using a fast and safe hot water supply system that saves up to 90% of the electricity cost compared to conventional heating equipment.

Advantages of investing in conventional water heater
Heatpump heat pumps help your family save up to 90% more energy than conventional heating equipment.
Heatpump heat pump has the advantage of storing hot water for up to 50 hours.
Having hot water used right when opening the faucet, do not have to wait as long as normal hot and cold water heater.
The system operates continuously circulating, providing large flow regardless of the external weather environment.
Absolutely safe to use, no longer worry about leaking electricity, dangerous electric shock for users.
Heatpump uses an infinite amount of energy absorbed from the air, independent of the environmentally friendly sun.

Heatpump heat pumps for household use

Other applications of Heater

Floor heating, home
hatching pool water
Incubating aquarium water….


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