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    Water pump – SW

    Water pump – SW

    Irrigation pumps

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    • Output: 1/2~2 HP , 0.4~1.5 KW

    • Outlet: 25~50 mm , 1~2 “

    • Rated: H 10~16 (M) , Q 70~250 (l/m)

    • Maximum: H 18~20 (M) , Q120~400 (l/m)

    • Dimension: 340~400L X 182~220W X 160~220H(mm)

    • Weight: 10~20 KG

      *  Specification :

      1HP-2HP, 2 poles. High performance motor.

      – Stainless steel pump body # 304 and fiberglass fan blades, no pollution.

      – Aluminum engine housing, light weight and heat dissipation good heat.

      –           Note : SW-120S stainless steel propeller, can withstand the temperature of 80 O C.

      *  Application :

      – Irrigation farm.

      – Shrimp pond and aquarium.

      – aquaculture industry. – Water supply for factories and buildings.


      Product Description                
      * Characteristic                  
      IP55 protected. insulation class F            
      The machine is capable of continuous operation 24/24.             
      The machine is compact, low power consumption, high performance engine, quiet operation lasting.
      Aluminum housing, lightweight and heat dissipating heat, high abrasion resistant machine seal
      Reinforced and protected by mechanical seals to prevent leaks        
      Safety with insulating layer, integrated thermal sensor protecting the motor is able to automatically break when overloaded.  
      * Application                
      Machines are mainly used to pump fresh water, pure water and alkaline liquid.     
      Suitable for water supply for factories and buildings … used in schools, high buildings, hospitals  
      Cooling systems, water circulation systems such as water pumps, water pumps, industrial pumps …
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