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    Submersible pump W160

    Submersible pump W160

    Max. Flow: 3617 l / min.
    Motor power: 9.3 - 190 kW

    Code: W160

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    Product code: W160 
    flow pump (max): 3617 l / min 
    Column pressure (max): 485 m 
    pumping efficiency maximum: 81% 
    Engine capacity: 9.3 – 190 kW 
    n = 2900 RPM (50 Hz) 
    Dimensions Rp 6 
    Total weight: 22-161 kg 
    Protection class: IP68


    Civil water supply systems 
    Underground wells for water supply networks 
    Irrigation in agriculture and gardening 
    Underground water supply 
    Other industrial applications

    Features and Usability

    High performance 
    starter protection when the voltage is too low or too high 
    Protection against dry running by proper electronic circuit 
    Long pump life due to all stainless steel parts

    1 year warranty

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