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         Building a family pool is becoming a new development trend in today’s buildings. However, to be able to own a safe and convenient swimming pool for you is not really a single thing. There are many issues such as the cost of building swimming pools, construction materials, design standards for swimming pools as well as reasonable … With nearly 10 years experience in the market of the tank swimming, PT understands all the problems you are having, With the content analysis below, you will truly breathe relief for the anxiety that has followed you for so long.

Standard in the design of the family pool

Standard in the design of the family pool

The standard design of the family pool

1. The shape of the swimming pool

     For a family pool design , depending on the pool land fund as well as the preferences of each investor to be able to choose a suitable pool style. However, with advice from many design experts, from the perspective of feng shui should only build pools with oval shape, oval shape, winding. Avoid designing angular swimming pools because of the many angular swimming pools seen as arrows pointing straight into our homes. Bring destiny not good for homeowners.

Feng shui in the design of swimming pool

Pool shape winding

Particularly, with our long-standing experience in the market, together with the continuous research and development, PT Company has built for customers of the company the design of 8 swimming pool models . and most preferred. It is very suitable for feng shui standards when designing.

Pool design in common and basic shape

Design of the family pool in the popular and basic shape

2. Area of ​​swimming pool 

The area of ​​the pool must be smaller than the area of ​​the house that is most suitable. Should be balanced between the works. With the standard area of ​​a family pool:

  • Standard length: From 10m – 20m
  • Standard width: From 3m – 10m
  • Standard depth: There should be a reasonably well-designed depth in the bottom of the tank, which means that the depth will gradually rise from one side of the tank to the other side in the length of 0.5m to 1.5m.

3. Pool location

        The best place to build a family pool is on the side of the house about 3m to the east and southeast. However, many families do not have enough space to build a swimming pool or indoor pool. But here are two places that have a direct impact on our housing, if construction design is not guaranteed to bring serious consequences. Moreover, building a family pool in the house or on the rooftop also brings bad Feng Shui concepts so consider carefully before designing the building.

Designing a beautiful family pool, feng shui

Designing a beautiful family pool, feng shui

4. Design and installation of standard swimming pool equipment

      The water treatment system is a combination of swimming pool equipment that is operated periodically and continuously. Make sure the water in the pool is kept clean. 
The swimming pool water treatment system includes the following equipment: sand filter pool, pool filter, pool pump, pipeline system … so strict requirements when designing loop system Equipped with all functions. Reasonable placement of each type of equipment so that it can work optimally. In addition, the location of the equipment should avoid damp places and direct sunlight. It is best to build a machine room for convenient management.

PT swimming pool designed and installed

5. Design of indoor swimming pool cover

     Covering the swimming pool is really essential with the great convenience that it brings. Each swimming pool will have a different style of cover that will create a more attractive pool view and help you swim comfortably without worrying about the weather.

  • Swimming pool design standards are defined in the standards of:
  • Height of the roof
  • Area covered swimming pool area
  • Style data.

     he above criteria will be carefully calculated by the contractors to build the pool together with the opinions of the customers to choose the best solution.

     Hopefully with 5 standards in the design of the family pool will help you get important information to help complete the swimming pool in the best way. 
Wish your family ‘s swimming pool work perfectly!

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